EasyCoffee is embarking on a roll-out of its in-store coffee machines following a successful wave of introductions at the recent National Convenience Show.

The EasyCoffee company, which is licensed to use the Easy brand familiar to shoppers through the airline and car hire businesses, is based on a no-frills, value-driven proposition with a range of drinks, including latte, cappuccino and flat white, sold at a single price of £1.60. The bean-to-cup machines are supplied free, with revenues shared between retailer and the company.

Three different sizes of machines are available, depending on likely sales, with a minimum volume of 15-20 cups per day. Retailers are expected to position the machine within three metres of the door, and machines can be configured for direct card or coin payment, or pay at till. Beans – which are fairtrade and Arabica – and powdered milk are supplied directly to store, with machine telemetry generating an order automatically when stocks are running low. Service engineers visit weekly, and retailers’ only outlay is for power and water.

The company already runs eight coffee shops, and has around 40 to-go machines already in place, with several hundred more in the pipeline.

Want one? Call 0333 433 0322 or visit www.easy.coffee/to-go