Doritos, the number one tortilla chip brand (Nielsen WE 19.05.18) in the UK, is supporting its latest new product launch, Doritos Collisions, with a bold TV advert airing from 3 September.

Doritos Collisions launched in the UK in June after its storming success in the US and Canada, and is an exciting combination of two bold flavours in one bag.

The TV advertising brings to life the unique proposition of Doritos Collisions. With winter months fast approaching, the brand is aiming to be front of mind with shoppers as they seek to stay in from the cold and enjoy a big night in with mates.

The creative uses a combination of real-life and animation to show the two flavours going head-to-head on the consumer’s tongue, in the form of a ‘battlefield’ – but who will come out on top?

Ceri Bustin, Doritos marketing assistant, comments: “Our latest TV advert really captivates the fun nature of the brand, with our two flavour profiles fighting it out to win the battle of the taste buds. The advert really demonstrates to consumers that the two flavours should be eaten in the same bite to truly enjoy this bold taste experience, and we anticipate that the new campaign will spark interesting debates around consumer taste preferences.”

The range is available now in two flavour combinations, Guacamole & Habanero Chilli and Honey Glazed Ribs & Lemon Blast and is also being supported by a digital social campaign.