Drops of Advice - be wildly responsible

Diageo and Smirnoff have launched a new global campaign ‘Drops of Advice’ encouraging people to drink responsibly during the holidays.

The campaign will urge people to ‘be wildly responsible’ and will consist of six digital animations, stills from the animations as print options and pop-up ‘Be Wildly Responsible’ bars across the world. The six ‘drops of advice’ include:

· ‘When drinking, food is your friend’

· ‘Avoid top ups’

· ‘Dance freely, drink responsibly’

· ‘Keep an eye on your friends’

· ‘Stay hydrated’

· ‘It’s okay to call it a night’

The videos, which will feature on Diageo’s and Smirnoff’s social channels from this week, were created by award-winning Venezuelan animator, Igor Bastidas.

Kate Gibson, global director of Diageo in Society, said: “Drinking in moderation is key all year round, but this year’s campaign, while fun and playful in nature, is a reminder that small changes can help you celebrate in a ‘wildly responsible’ way.”

Stephanie Jacoby, global Smirnoff Senior Vice President, said: “I’m so proud to see Smirnoff at the helm of this season’s Drops of Advice campaign as the sponsor of our ongoing responsible drinking commitments. We know the holidays are an important time for people to get together and enjoy the good times and we want to ensure we’re encouraging people to do that in responsible ways while maintaining the fun, vibrant attitude we’re famous for - encouraging our consumers to be wildly responsible.”

In line with last year’s festive campaign by Diageo ‘Know When To Stop’, this year’s activation will also signpost adults to DRINKiQ - a dedicated responsible drinking website available in multiple languages that provides information and practical advice on alcohol alongside a range of resources to encourage moderate consumption.