dettol wipes

Dettol has announced all of its disinfecting wipes in the UK market will be biodegradable, meaning more sustainable choices will be available for customers. They are available now.

The biodegradable range includes Dettol Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, Dettol Kitchen Cleaning Wipes, Dettol Floor Wipes and Dettol Big & Strong, killing 99% of bacteria and viruses including Covid 19.

The brand says non-biodegradable wipes can take over 100 years to biodegrade in comparison to the new wipes, which are made of biodegradable fibres and take up to 6 months to break down in industrial composting conditions. Consumers can dispose of their biodegradable wipes in their food or garden composting waste bins or through their local council.

Luca Tamagni, Marketing Director Dettol said “Making our wipes portfolio biodegradable takes us another step towards a more sustainable future for the brand and helps us enable our consumers to make more sustainable choices without compromising on Dettol’s quality. From now on, consumers can start to feel more confident using the wipes they trust at home, knowing they are a more environmentally friendly option.”