debbie&andrew’s has revealed a new range which aims to get a new generation of shoppers interested in sausages.

Designed to increase demand for sausages as a staple product for the weekly shop, the range offers gluten, wheat, dairy free and high protein options.

debbie&andrew’s Flexilicious Chilli Con Carne Super Sausage (rrp £2-£2.98 per 400g) is 40% beef and 40% vegetables and legumes for consumers who want to reduce their meat intake.

debbie&andrew’s Clean and Lean Range of Chicken (rrp £2-£3 per 340g) and Pork (rrp £2-£2.98 per 400g) High Protein Sausages is a range of high protein sausages for shoppers who lead active lifestyles. It fits all the criteria of a clean eat, with no major allergens and very high meat content.

debbie&andrew’s Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas (rrp £1.50-£2.97 per 375g) is ideal for the family, these little chips are slim and tender which research shows are preferred by youngsters. 

debbie&andrew’s Perfect Pork Chipolata’s (rrp £2-£3 per 375g) is has been made to be the ideal sausage to go with a family roast.