Dairylea will return to the nation’s TV screens for the first time in three years, with a brand new advertising campaign labelled ‘Feed the Fun’.

The ad, which features Dairylea Dunkers and Triangles, was created by advertising agency BMB and is designed to drive awareness of the snacking cheese category during the key Back to School period.

The ad opens with an epic film scene with two knights traveling on horseback when they abruptly come to a stop so they can unexpectedly indulge in a Dairylea snack. The ad suddenly changes, and instead of two knights, viewers see two nine year old boys on bikes playing make-believe and the knights were their vivid imaginations at work.

Philip Warfield, senior brand manager at Dairylea, said: “Dairylea has long been part of the nation’s childhood, so with this campaign we really wanted to celebrate the carefree spirit of childhood and imaginative play. The advert brings this to life as we go on a journey with two boys in their own imaginary world, embarking on an adventure fit for a knight! Something we think all parents can relate to.”

The advert will air for four weeks from April 4 and forms part of a £1.2m marketing investment which will also feature in-store, digital and social media support.