Cranes has developed a cranberry and blood orange liqueur (35cl, 20% vol, rrp £15).

After the success of Cranes low sugar, low calorie, 100% natural cranberry cider, Cranes has created a brand a flavoursome liqueur.

Dan Ritsema, managing director at Cranes Drinks Ltd, said: “The idea for Cranes came about at university. Most students enjoy a drink, Ben and I were no different, however we were health conscious. To stop drinking was never an option, but it got us thinking would it be possible to make a healthier alternative? We loved cranberry juice for the renowned health benefits it contained. So we decided to try fermenting cranberries rather than apples to make a cranberry ‘cider’ and that was the beginning of Cranes.

“We stumbled across a cranberry and blood orange liqueur that was divine, so we developed it along with one of the UK’s Top mixologists, and now produce a Cranes Liqueur.” 

The new liqueur is created using only the the finest cranberries from Wisconsin USA, along with blood orange juice and orange rind. Cranes Liqueur comes in an attractive 35cl glass bottle to highlight the iconic red of the blood orange and cranberries. Try a beautifully simple cocktail to get you started. A delicious mix of Cranes cranberry and blood orange liqueur (20ml) and Prosecco (100ml) to make an exciting new Bellini.

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