Cornish Pasty Week 2024

Country Choice is donating 5p to the Cornish Pasty Community Fund for every one of its ‘Real Cornish’ branded pasties sold during Cornish Pasty Week, taking place from 26th February to 3rd March.

This year, the Cornish Pasty Community Fund is aiming to support a new initative that promotes cookery in Cornish schools. The funds raised will be allocated to provide schools across Cornwall and Scilly with the necessary resources for regular cooking activities. This could include purchasing equipment and ingredients, facilitating cooking clubs, or supporting other engaging food initiatives.

As part of the initiative, professional pasty makers will collaborate with schools, conducting sessions to teach children the art of crafting authentic Cornish pasties.

Phil Carratt head of marketing and strategy for Country Choice said: “Having recently re-branded our ‘Real Cornish’ range we are particularly excited to be part of this meaningful initiative, contributing to the development of culinary education in Cornish schools. By supporting the Cornish Pasty Community Fund, we aim to make a positive impact on the community by giving schools the chance to provide fun and informative experiences for children that also uphold the culture of the region.”