Colman’s is launching a new TV and print campaign to tie in with a new brand repositioning.

As part of the campaign, TV ads have gone live this month, with each spot showing scenarios where mustard fans unexpectedly ‘overdo it’ with a generous serving of their favourite condiment. The new campaign line ‘Easy Does it’ is a tongue-in-cheek warning of the strength of Colman’s, because nothing packs a punch quite like it.

Each spot opens on the moment of salvation – one showing a father cooling down his face in a paddling pool to escape the heat kick of Colman’s, and another showing a portly middle aged man frantically pouring an ice bucket of champagne over his head. The scenes unfold as we observe the onlooker’s confusion, before finally revealing the culprit - the mustard.

The launch initiates the start of a new era for the brand which is re-centring the focus on its core product, to highlight the distinct heat of Colman’s mustard.

An out of home print campaign will accompany the TV ad, with posters drawing attention to the strength of the mustard.