Chupa Chups is celebrating its sugar-free collection with a partnership with YouTube singer and songwriter Dodie Clark to give 4,000 teens the chance to try the lollies.

The activation marks the first ever UK brand sponsorship of a vlogger tour, and the firm says this further positions Chupa Chups as a pioneering brand passionate about communicating with teens. Estimated to engage a further two million people through social media, the campaign is guaranteed to boost awareness of the new sugar-free offering.

The sugar free range is available in three different flavours; cola, cherry and strawberry.

Ruxandra Maria, product manager at Chupa Chups UK, said: “Whilst there’s a lot of focus on improving awareness amongst adults of sugar-free confectionery, there’s been less done to promote the news to teenagers. As the future generation, it’s key they’re growing up knowing that healthier alternatives exist and taste great too.

”We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our sugar-free lollies taste just as delicious as our original, and are delighted with the end result. Teens can be a difficult audience to crack, but we’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the sugar-free taste. We’re working hard to bring our ’Forever Fun’ proposition to life, and partnering with new and upcoming teen talent is the perfect forum for us to reach teens. We’re sure retailers will notice an increased demand for Chupa Chups Sugar Free.”

Chupa Chups sugar-free is available to retailers in bags of ten lollipops or individual units..