Wanis International Foods is unveiling Caribbean lager Stag to the UK.

Launched in Trinidad over thirty years ago, Stag will be exclusively distributed by Wanis in a 275ml, stand-out dark green bottle with 5.5% abv.

The brand is one of Carib Brewery Limited’s (CBL) fastest growing products and has a loyal following across the Caribbean and beyond. Its popularity is largely attributed to its crisp and clean flavour fused with a fermented fresh fruit aroma that delivers a gentle yet assertive hop bitterness.

The brand has become well-known across the Islands for its market positioning; ‘A Man’s Beer’. It however continues to appeal to a broad spectrum of beer drinkers and will be aiming to capture a wider audience in the UK.

Wanis International Foods marketing manager Jag Singh said: “There has been a demand for Stag from consumers and businesses for a number of years and we are extremely excited to finally be able to offer it to the UK market” 

Stag already has strong ‘street cred’ and equity amongst people who are familiar with the lager, and we intend to build on that over the next few years.

“The demand for World Beers is very strong and Caribbean food and drink is on the ascendency. Add to this the product’s fantastic taste and authenticity and Stag becomes a ‘must stock’ for businesses looking to capitalise on these growing international trends.”

Stag is joining other CBL products already available in the UK, including the company’s flagship Carib Beer and its low-ABV Shandy Carib range.

For more information on Stag Beer, businesses can call 020 8988 1100 or email info@wanis.com.