Pressure is mounting on the Scottish government to rethink its plans for a tobacco display ban after an overwhelming number of retailers, trade bodies and even local councils responded to the official consultation with serious concerns.

Retailers branded the proposals, which include a permitted display area of just 120sq cm, "unworkable" and "injurious", with many claiming that it would boost the already prolific illicit trade in their areas.

Retailer Pamela Farila of the Village Shop and Post Office in Newbridge, Midlothian, called for the "overly prescriptive" plans to be scrapped. She said: "We take our responsibilities to sell only to over-18s seriously, and it is this that will achieve a reduction in youth smoking."

The Scottish Federation of Small Business said that with Trading Standards budgets already stretched, enforcing the ban would be next to impossible.

Councils also raised concerns over enforcement. "There could be difficulties in being able to prove that a retailer is displaying tobacco for longer than necessary to carry out an exempted activity," South Lanarkshire council said in its response.