Cadbury Easter_Small Shell Eggs

Mondelez International is placing treats back inside small shell eggs and has launched two new shell eggs for Easter 2023. 

Small Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, White Buttons, Freddo Faces, Caramel Nibbles, Giant Buttons and Cadbury Mini Egg Easter eggs (rrp £2.50) will each contain their namesake chocolates inside.

In addition, the company is introducing two new shell eggs. The Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunky Egg has an extra thick shell, while the Cadbury Oreo White Egg has a white chocolate shell with crunchy Oreo biscuit inclusions. Both eggs have an rrp of £12. 

The firm has also re-categorised shell eggs into Surprise & Delight, Traditional Gift and Special Gesture and packs have been designed distinctively to make the positioning of each clearer for shoppers at first glance across the range.

Laura Gray, senior brand manager for Cadbury Easter, said: “Our new treat filled shell-eggs will certainly bring back that feeling of nostalgia and magic for the consumers, now that they can crack them open to reveal and enjoy all of the delicious chocolates stored inside!”

Bought by one in two UK households (Kantar), Mondelez highlights that shell-eggs are a valuable opportunity for retailers. The firm claims to be the number one supplier at Easter time (Nielsen).