Butterkist is kicking off a summer of football with a £1,000,000 prize fund.

The promotion is being run on more than 8.4m bags of popcorn, across sharing bags (RRP £1.49), pricemarked packs (RRP £1) and multipacks (RRP £1.69). 

The on-pack promotion will run from May 2 until July 31 2016 with a guaranteed win in every pack as consumers can claim 50p off their next purchase of Butterkist. Lucky winners could bag one of 63,200 possible prizes of £10, £50, £100 or £1,000.

For the chance to win, consumers must enter a promotional code on the Butterkist website www.butterkist.co.uk which can be found on the back of each Kick for Cash bag. By entering the promotional code, consumers are taken to a football game, where they can go on to score a winning goal with a cash prize, or if they miss, a 50p off coupon will be available off their next purchase.

Butterkist senior brand manager Anjna Mistry said: “Football is a sport that really brings people together, which is why it’s a perfect fit for our brand. The online game is the ideal way to communicate the fun and entertaining personality of Butterkist popcorn, which is best enjoyed amongst family and friends during any sharing occasions including gathering around the big screen to watch the match.

“We’d encourage retailers to stock up on our best-selling SKUs to benefit from this three-month promotion which will continue to build on consumer engagement by providing the perfect sharing snack for family gatherings and parties during the summer of football.”

The new Kick for Cash promotional packs will be available from May 2. For stockist details or enquiries call 01977 692500.