Butterkist is set to bring its Make the Moment TV campaign to screens this September as part of the brand’s overall £3m marketing spend in 2017 to support the brand re-launch at the start of the year.

This second burst of TV ads, featuring the salted caramel popcorn, launched on 1 September and will run until 30 September on ITV and digital channels, along with Channel 4 partners, owned channels and Sky media.

The ad features a typical living room with family members sharing the same space but not interacting with each other. The mum wants to create some ‘Us time’ and knows that opening a bag of Butterkist will transform the room from a group of disengaged individuals into one where everyone re-connects and comes together.

Butterkist Salted Caramel popcorn is now the number 1 performing novelty line in the market (IRI 12 wks 18/06/17), appealing to new audiences by offering a contemporary twist to the traditional Toffee flavour.

Butterkist continues to maintain its position as the Nation’s most-loved popcorn brand, with a market share of 34% in a market now worth £136m and growing by 12.1% YOY (IRI 12 wks 18/06/17). It is currently ranked as the 16th biggest bagged snack brand and is the only popcorn brand featured on the Grocer’s Top 25 list.

The four-week long advertising programme from Butterkist will be accompanied by integrated VOD, Digital, PR, Trade marketing and in-store activity.

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