Burts Chips, producers of premium snacks, has announced the launch of Guinness toasted cheddar.

The range, which has already added over £4m sales value since its introduction, will see the new flavour looking to follow in the footsteps of its award-winning counterparts, the original Guinness flavour and rich beef chilli. 

Burts Chips and Guinness have worked in partnership to create this mature double act. Using thick cut potatoes, the classic cheese toastie is blended with the iconic stout flavour.

The launch follows research by Burts Chips flavour experts that revealed consumers largely prefer the flavour of the iconic Irish Stout in snacks when mixed with other mainstream flavours, highlighted by the success of the Guinness rich beef chilli.

Burts anticipates an increase in revenue of 30% to £22m for the business by the end of 2015, delivering its most profitable year ever. Through this investment and resulting success, Burts has been able to capacitate new and exciting products on a larger scale, exemplified by the Guinness toasted cheddar launch.

Burts chips sales & marketing director Simon Knight said: “Our relationship with Guinness continues to strengthen, bringing together the expertise and craftmanship of both brands. The Guinness toasted cheddar launch offers greater choice to consumers looking for a great tasting, innovative snack to enjoy at home or on the go.

“With the snacks sector extremely competitive and promotion led, products must have a solid distinction so retailers can achieve market cut through and a high profit margin. The Guinness original launch was the largest true innovation launch of the hand-cooked sector in 2013 and the new toasted cheddar flavour presents a unique offering that consumers simply can’t find elsewhere, giving retailers a strong point of difference with a proven track record of success.”

Guinness toasted cheddar (rrp 75p per 40g bag) will be available from November 2015, in a 20x40g format.