Burton’s Biscuit Company is introducing its ‘Best Ever Recipe’ for its £18.4m Jammie Dodgers brand.

The recipe, which includes a crispier biscuit and fruitier jam, is being rolled out in March across the brand’s core flavours including Original Raspberry, Berry Blast and Jam ‘n’ Custard varieties.

The change will be accompanied by an updated pack design with new on-pack photography and clear messaging to indicate the ‘Best Ever Recipe’.

The company is also investing in front-facing shelf-ready packaging (SRP) for the brand, to drive shelf visibility in-store and improve the shopper experience when shopping the biscuit fixture.

Burton’s Biscuit Company head of category & shopper management David Costello said: “Our ‘Best Ever Recipe’ performed extremely well in consumer research, and we’ve taken the lead from our consumers in order to deliver the best possible taste for our shoppers. Jammie Dodgers is one of the UK’s best-loved biscuit brands and the number 2 kid’s biscuit brand in the category, bought by 5m shoppers, so we appreciate just how important it is to give consumers the best tasting product that lives up to their expectations.

“With this improved recipe, and new front-facing SRP, we’re enabling retailers to grow this iconic brand in their store, as well as driving incremental profits from the biscuit fixture.”