Bulmers is launching a new flavour - Wild Blueberry & Lime.

Supported by a £2m ATL and BTL campaign, the launch will see Bulmers scale a flavour trend yet to be leveraged within the cider category.

The new variant is available now in a 568ml bottle at 4% ABV.

Heineken cider director Emma Sherwood-Smith said: “Blueberries’ popularity is soaring in the UK, yet surprisingly, there is currently no mainstream blueberry flavoured cider in the market, until now.

“The new Bulmers Wild Blueberry & Lime cider addresses both consumer demand for blueberries as well as the trend for experimenting with different flavoured ciders.

“Last year’s launch, Bulmers Zesty Blood Orange, was the biggest cider NPD of 2015. It brought one million people into the Bulmers brand, 50% of which were new to the cider category (Kantar) – which is good news for retailers.

“As a result, we’re expecting drinkers to pounce on our latest offering and advise retailers to stock up.”

Bulmers Cider Wild Blueberry & Lime will join the existing cider range which includes Bulmers Cider Zesty Bloody Orange, Bulmers Cider Crushed Red Berries & Lime, Bulmers Cider Original and Bulmers Cider Pear and will replace Bulmers Cider Bold Black Cherry.

For more information please visit www.bulmers.co.uk