AB InBev is bringing a little more of the American spirit to the UK this summer with its limited edition Budweiser Liberty Can.

The new can will be available in stores from July 24, for six-weeks. Featuring the iconic Lady Liberty on a Budweiser backdrop, the new pack is designed to standout on shelves. In addition to the eye-catching individual cans, Budweiser is mirroring the Lady Liberty design on dedicated multipacks.

This is the first time that the Liberty design has been launched in the UK, following its success in the United States. The statue is an emblem of freedom, and so Budweiser says it provides the perfect iconography for its brand - encouraging consumers to enjoy the freedom the summer brings and live life on their own terms.

The launch of the limited edition packaging is being supported by a social media campaign, which is inviting people to post a picture of them celebrating the summer and the freedom it brings them.