New healthy food brand Boka Food, has launched its first product - a low sugar, high fibre cereal bar.

The Boka bars will be available from this month, in three flavours - apple & cinnamon, caramel and strawberry.

The 31g bars (RRP 89p) are under 100 calories and contain just 1.6g of sugar - giving them all-green nutritional traffic lights.

Founder of Boka Food, food development specialist Franco Beer, said: “We want people to eat our bars because they enjoy them first and foremost, with the added bonus that they are healthier than the alternatives. We have created a great tasting, satisfying bar that is very low in sugar and also contains a quarter of the recommended daily allowance of fibre, which has clear health benefits while also keeping you feeling fuller for longer.”

The launch is supported by a marketing campaign to include social media, PR and trials at NHS facilities.

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