Birra Moretti has had a packaging redesign as part of a wider brand refresh.

Designed to convey the brand’s authentic Italian roots, the new packaging uses a matt circular label and the colours of the Italian flag to communicate Birra Moretti’s values of “heritage, tradition and quality in a simplistic and premium style”.

The refreshed packaging launches as part of wider activity to further increase visibility of Birra Moretti and align the brand image globally.

David Lette, premium brand director at Heineken, said: “The World Beer category has seen huge growth in the last year which shows the changing tastes of consumers, and Birra Moretti’s exceptional performance within this is a testament to its commitment to quality and the use of the traditional recipe in the brewing process.

“The new packaging showcases what we are most proud of, the beer’s deep-rooted Italian heritage, in an authentic yet stylish design that showcases the product’s premium nature and which will increase visibility on shelf and drive sales further.”