Bestway Wholesale is launching a new range of toilet tissues and kitchen towels under the Best-one brand.

Aimed exclusively at independent retailers, the new own label line-up offers customers good, better and best alternatives in a range of roll formats.

The new toilet tissue range is available in Classic, Luxury and Supreme Quilted variants. Pack sizes range from two rolls to 24 with competitive price-marked pricing.

The Best-one kitchen towels are also available in three varieties; Standard, Ultra and Ultimate variants. All products in the range offer a POR of more than 30%

Ed Smeaton, director of trading at Bestway, said: “Toilet tissue is one of the key impulse categories on convenience having one of the highest household penetration levels across all categories. However, shopper demands are increasing all the time and the range a retailer stocks has to reflect this.

“Additives such as Shea Butter and Aloe Vera are now an integral part of the offer as are larger pack formats. Shoppers in the paper category are loyal to either own-label or brands and retailers can often over-range with many tertiary brands. With the launch of the new best-one range we are providing a comprehensive own label range which alongside the leading brand will fulfil every shopper need.

“Since we launched the best-one own label range in August last year, we have seen a 19% swing in sales range and we are confident that the new paper lines will build on this growth even further.”

The new range of Best-one toilet and kitchen paper products are available now at Bestway and Batleys depots and through Bestway Wholesale websites.


Full price list

Best-one Toilet Tissue

  • Soft Toilet Tissue 4 Pack (rrp £1.00 PMP, por 35.32%)
  • Soft Toilet Tissue 9 Pack  (rrp £1.99 PMP, por 33.79%)
  • Soft Toilet Tissue 18 Pack (rrp £3.99 PMP, por 32.48%)
  • Soft Toilet Tissue 24 Pack (rrp £5.29 PMP, por 32.17%)
  • Luxury Toilet Tissue 2 Pack (rrp £1.00 PMP, por 31.10%)
  • Luxury Toilet Tissue 4 Pack (rrp £1.49 PMP, por 35.65%)
  • Luxury Toilet Tissue 9 Pack (rrp £2.69 PMP, por 30.50%)
  • Quilted Toilet Tissue 4 Pack (rrp £1.79 PMP, por 33.07%)
  • Quilted Shea Butter 4 Pack (rrp £1.79 PMP, por 33.07%)
  • Quilted Aloe Vera 4 Pack (rrp £1.79 PMP, por 33.07%)


Best-one Kitchen Towels

  • Kitchen Towels 2 Pack (rrp £1.25 PMP, por 31.36%)
  • Kitchen Towel 4 Pack 2 (rrp £1.89 PMP, por 36.61%)
  • Kitchen Towel 6 Pack (rrp £2.49 PMP, por 31.45%)
  • Jumbo Kitchen Towel Single (rrp £1.00 PMP, por 30.20%)
  • Ultra Kitchen Towel Twin Pack (rrp £2.75 PMP, por 30.98%)
  • Ultimate Kitchen Towel XL (rrp £1.99 PMP, por 34.77%)