Battle Oats is launching a new high protein low sugar snack, Battle Bites, aimed at the impulse market, to offer a healthy alternative to high sugar high calorie chocolate bars.

With a choice of three flavours, chocolate caramel, cookies & cream and choc coconut, the two piece 62g bars each contain a total of 20g of protein, less than 3g of sugar and less than 3g of impact carbs as well as being non GMO. The company is planning to add three additional flavours to the range later this year.

Battle Bites have been designed to complement the company’s successful ‘free from’ range of high protein oat bars and vegan protein cookies.

Kevin Smith, co-founder of Hull-based Battle Oats, explains: “Battle Bites have been developed to have the appeal of a traditional chocolate candy bar in terms of providing a tasty snack which feels indulgent, but with the bonus of being low calorie, low sugar and having nutritional benefits such as being high in protein.

“The triple layered chocolate snacks feature low sugar milk chocolate meaning that they can contain up to 500% less sugar than some of the leading chocolate bars, they are just 240 calories and provide premium quality protein so they can be enjoyed guilt-free! While some of the well-known confectionery brands have launched their own higher protein bars, these are still very high in sugar, so don’t really provide a nutritious option.”