Japanese lager Asahi Super Dry has revealed its dark side with the launch of Super Dry Black (5.5% ABV).

Imported from Japan, the new variant uses the iconic no.318 yeast of the original Super Dry but achieves a deeper, darker appearance and flavour through the addition of roasted malt.

This may cause the expectation for it to be full-bodied and heavy like a dark ale but the new variant is easy-to-drink with the same dry, crisp and refreshing flavour of the original.

Super Dry Black (rrp £1.99 per bottle) promises a deeper sweet nuttiness and rich, smooth flavour - a new lager experience for UK consumers.

Asahi UK brand manager Samantha Catford said: “Super Dry Black offers a real point of difference in the UK Asian lager category. It will appeal to beer drinkers who appreciate a continental dark lager style: soft and elegant, with a rich, mildly-vanilla, nutty-sweet palate, and a dry, rounded finish that is never harsh or acrid. The challenge for UK consumers, who are accustomed to full-bodied dark ales, will be to discover its surprisingly light, refreshing taste.”

Available now in 24 x 334ml bottles, Asahi Super Dry Black’s flavour is recommended as a accompaniment to a steaming ramen dish or a spicy Japanese beef curry.

For more information or to place an order please contact the Asahi Sales Team on 01795 532206.