Arla Protein hits TV screens today bringing the protein brand to TV audiences for the first time. Aimed at the ‘real keep fitters’ of Britain – the ad is a tongue-in-cheek take on Brits’ approach to exercise and fitness.

Exercise isn’t just for gym bunnies and fitness fanatics, and this is the stance that Arla Protein takes in its new ad, which features the hilarious struggles of a man taking part in a bootcamp class. Viewers watch as he struggles to plank in the park, when a, perhaps too friendly, dog gets in his way.

The 30-second film entitled ‘Bootcamp Doggy’ has been created by Arla and Wieden+Kennedy, and directed by ‘The Bobsy Twins From Homicide’ from Blink. It opens in a British park where a group of people are taking part in a boot camp class, all in the plank position, which we view through the legs of a military style fitness instructor, dressed in camouflage.

Arla Foods launched Arla Protein into the UK in January 2015 with quark-based fruit flavoured snack pots containing 20g of protein, in line with the growing trend for high-protein diets to support more active lifestyles. The brand is now worth £7m (Nielsen data, 52we 10.09.16 ). It has extended into Arla Protein Drinks, Arla Protein Cottage Cheese and Arla Protein Snack Pots with greater ambitions for 2017 and new products in the pipeline.

The multi-channel campaign will be live on TV, VO