Small, independent greetings card company, Petshelf, is offering animal artwork greetings cards bespoke to store location. 

The designs cover the most popular breeds in the UK based on statistics from a major government approved dog microchipping database. Retailers can request cards with artwork of the more popular dog breeds in their area.

The suggested retail price is £2.50, with a cost price of £1.04 (ex vat). The spinner and delivery (for orders of seven pockets or more) are free.

Retailers can order a 32 pocket free standing floor spinner measuring 1780 x 265 x 265 mm, fully stocked with 32 designs – 384 cards (cost price £399 +vat, giving total profit of £400 ex vat) or a 16 pocket wall rack measuring 1730 x 300 x 60 mm fully stocked with 16 designs – 192 cards (cost price £199 +vat giving total profit of £200 ex vat).

For orders received by 1 March the company is including a free restocking order: For the spinner 72 cards it will give 12 designs of 6 cards; For the wall rack 36 cards it will provide 6 designs of 6 cards each.

The minimum order is 4 pockets and delivery is £4.50 for under seven pockets.

To Order visit