Alpen is extending its muesli range with Alpen Create: a new raisin-free muesli product made for those who want to personalise their breakfast.

The new cereal is made with all-natural ingredients, contains no added sugar and is high in fibre. The product uses rolled oats and wholegrain wheat flakes, as well as a unique dairy blend.

However, unlike other Alpen mueslis, Create doesn’t contain any raisins after recent research suggests 25% of shoppers dislike them [Join The Dots, June 2018].

The product has been created in order to tap into the trend for more personalisation at the breakfast table, with 26 billion breakfast occasions personalised each year in the UK [Kantar WPO, February 2018], and bring new shoppers to the muesli category.

Helena Blincow, marketing manager for Alpen, said: “We developed Alpen Create to meet the trend from consumers to personalise their breakfast. It is the perfect base for consumers to make a breakfast ‘their way’, by simply adding their favourite toppings. We spotted a gap in the muesli sector for a flexible product like this, which also didn’t contain raisins and believe we can bring new shoppers to the category with this launch.

“The breakfast category is more dynamic than ever and it’s vital that brands innovate their offering. As the UK’s leading muesli brand, we believe it’s important to help drive the category forward and we will continue to invest in the Alpen brand in the year ahead with an exciting new £1m campaign launching this spring.”

Alpen Create will be available to convenience stores from February with an rrp of £2.99 / 1kg pack.