Cold pressed juices brand Plenish is aiming for a bigger share of the health drink industry with the launch of new Almond Nut M*lk.

With one in five households having made the switch to dairy-free milk, Plenish is positioning itself well with its product which contains three times the amount of almonds found in other almond milk products (7% compared to the industry standard of 2-3%).

The market for almond milk is valued at £198m and a steady category growth through to 2019 (Mintel April 2015) is predicted. With consumers becoming more health conscious and intolerances on the rise, the dairy free market has grown at a rate of 70% to 80% year on year to date.

Plenish long life Nut M*lk contains zero stabilizers, sweeteners or fillers. The high nut content delivers protein, antioxidants, Vitamin E, and essential minerals.

Plenish founder Kara Rosen said: “The dairy free category has witnessed a large increase in sales in recent years, yet products have included low levels of nuts and fillers like rice, emulsifiers and other artificial stabalisers. Our brand new Almond M*lk is made with only three simple organic, clean ingredients (almonds, water and Himalayan salt) and is outrageously delicious because of the quality of the almonds and the high nut content. We evaluate all of our products based on more than what is in it, it’s about what’s in it for you.”