Allied Bakeries has created a thinner style of crumpet, which contains just 54 calories.

The launch of Kingsmill Crumpet Thins aims to cash in on growth in both the healthier bakery sector and the growth of the producer’s Bakery Favourites, by providing consumers with “great tasting but thinner versions of their favourite bakery products”.

Darren Grivvell, director of brands at Allied Bakeries, said: “Our insight shows us that consumers are looking for lighter eating versions of their favourite foods. Standard crumpets tend to be eaten at breakfast because they are quite filling so by providing these new Crumpet Thins we hope consumers will find them a great choice to eat at other times of the day when they want a lighter eating experience.”

The company noted that ‘thins’ is already proving to be a successful format across bakery, with the Sandwich Thins market up by 66% and now worth £60m.

Crumpet Thins come in packs of six, priced at 75p a pack.