John Windsor
Age: 26
"I think of Flake as a luxury chocolate bar that complements something like ice cream. I like this. It's got a dark twist to the original flavour, but it crumbles a bit too easily, so I'd buy it to go with
ice cream."
James McDowell and Simon Lewis
Age: 23 and 21 respectively
James: "If I hadn't have tried it and had a choice I'd have bought the original, but it's got a pleasant fresh taste and it's not as bitter as some dark chocolate."
Simon: "I think it's better than the normal flake."
Natalie Wood
Age: 21
"My first impressions are that it's Cadbury's so it's got to be good, even though I'm not keen on dark chocolate. I think the packaging is very eye-catching but I don't really like the taste and it is too crumbly and messy to eat."
Kerry Giacomelli
Age: 25
"I'm a new convert to dark chocolate - I used not to like it but then read that it was better to eat if you were dieting so I gave it a try. Now I love it. I like the taste - it isn't too strong - and would definitely buy it."
Rosie Covey
Age: 24
"My first impression is that the product looks okay and the packaging is good, but as I'm not a dark chocolate fan it's not something I would buy. The texture is good and crumbly but it doesn't win me over."
Chris Duffett
Age: 23
"It's a bit crumbly when you open it and therefore quite difficult to eat, but I like the taste because I like dark chocolate anyway. I'd buy it if the price was right and I like that it's foil wrapped."
Imogen Derrick
Age: 19
"I like the packaging and the texture, but it has too strong a flavour for me as I'm not a great fan of dark chocolate and I'm not keen on its aftertaste. It's very crumbly - it makes a bit of mess, in fact. I'd recommend it to those people who really like dark chocolate."
Sara Parker
Age: 22
"I'm sure I'll like this - it's chocolate so it has to be good. I like the packaging but it's similar to the normal flake - people might get muddled up. I like the taste as it's rich but not too strong. I'd definitely buy it as I like dark chocolate and Flakes, so this is perfect for me."

Wish list...

Is there something missing from the confectionery display? We ask consumers what confectionery they'd like to see.
Sara Parker: "I'd like to see a very sickly truffle bar on the market."
Kerry Giacomelli: "What I would like are new caramelly things, or chewy
chocolate. I love anything toffee covered with chocolate."
Rosie Covey: "I'd like to see more white chocolate bars."
Chris Duffett: "Something refreshing, a new product and not a variant of others on the market."
Simon Lewis: "Chocolate that goes well with beer. There's currently no such thing."
James McDowell: "A king-sized Toffee Crisp-type chocolate bar."
James Windsor: "I'd like a soft chocolate truffle bar."