Nisa-Today's has promised to promote up to five different fruit and vegetable lines every three weeks to help retailers boost their fresh produce sales.

The 'fresh pledge' showed the company's commitment to providing quality fresh produce at affordable prices, said John Sharpe, managing director of central distribution trading & logistics. 

He added that the move also supported the government's 5-a-day initiative to improve the nation's health by encouraging consumers to eat five or more pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables a day.

The offer, which started on July 30, begins with 100% extra free on 250g Heritage Select runner beans, rrp £1.49; Heritage Select vine tomatoes at 99p; Heritage plums 500g for £1.19; and peaches and nectarines at £1.19 for eight.

"We are delighted to be able to help consumers get on their way to eating five fresh products a day," said Sharpe.

"The more we can do to help guide consumers into better eating practices through promoting the 5-a-day healthy eating initiative and providing our retailers with a complete fresh range through our central distribution and six-days-a-week Premier delivery service, the better."