Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has pledged to turn the tables on youths who engage in antisocial behaviour and has instructed police to harass them in their homes.
She wants officers to target young thugs who terrorise neighbourhoods by carrying out extra checks for benefit and council tax fraud, TV licence evasion and vehicle insurance dodging.
"People shouldn't have to put up with anti-social behaviour," she said. "If you can't behave properly it won't just be the police watching you, but local councils, housing benefit officers, the DVLA and the TV Licensing authority."
The plan follows a successful pilot in Essex, where police carried out a four-day operation which involved filming and repeatedly stopping known persistent offenders.
Smith also announced plans for stronger action on poor parenting, with intervention at the first sign of any problems.
In addition, all ASBOs issued to under-18s will be reviewed after a year to ensure that they are working.