A partnership approach to any future alcohol policy has been urged by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS).

Speaking at the Future of Alcohol Policy conference in London last week, ACS public affairs director Shane Brennan called on all involved to work together as the government continues to consider its Alcohol Strategy. “Everything we have achieved in recent years, which includes dramatic reductions in underage and binge drinking, has been achieved through effective partnership,” he said. “This has been achieved at the national level through pioneering schemes such as Challenge 25 and the Responsibility Deal and at the local level through initiatives such as Community Alcohol Partnerships.”

He urged government, local authorities, non-government authorities and the industry to build on the good work already done rather than looking to introduce more regulations.

“The future has to be about cementing those partnerships and seeking common solutions to local problems,” he said. “This should be our focus and we must resist the temptation to impose yet more regulations or to impose top down solutions that rarely achieve the engagement necessary to make a real difference.”