An MP has submitted an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling for ‘Roadworks justice for local businesses’ in response to C-Store’s Works Must Pay campaign.

The EDM, submitted by Greg Mulholland, Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West, has so far received the signatures of six MPs.

EDMs are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons which allow MPs to draw attention to a particular issue.

It urges the House of Commons to recognise ‘that many small independent businesses, including small shops and pubs, are negatively affected by road and utilities works’ and ‘calls on the government to reform the way small businesses can receive compensation, supporting these small businesses through making it easier for them to claim compensation and increasing the amount of compensation they can receive through a consistent and uniform process’.

The Works Must Pay campaign is being run by C-Store in partnership with The Morning Advertiser, the leading title for the pub trade.

Signatories of the EDM include two Conservative MPs, two Labour MPs, a Liberal Democrat MP and a Democratic Unionist Party MP.

To view the EDM and encourage your MP to sign it, click here.