Retailers with stores on or close to the Olympic Route Network can now access the final Code of Practice for overnight deliveries on the Transport for London (TfL) website.

The 2012 Games will have an impact on delivery and servicing activity across London this summer, with road closures forcing many shops to take deliveries between midnight and 06:00am.

Businesses, councils, and TfL would need to work together to ensure that their needs were met, while minimising disruption to local residents, TfL said.

The code, which was developed with the Noise Abatement Society and the Freight Transport Association, provides businesses and delivery companies with simple, practical guidance on how to minimise noise from night-time deliveries.

Stores must ensure that doors, gates and shutters are well maintained to minimise noise when opening and closing. They are also asked to switch off music when doors are open, and attempt to reduce the noise of roll cages with rubber matting. Staff should be trained in the above and ensure that they do not shout or talk loudly while unloading.

Drivers should also switch off their engines and reversing alarms, if not subject to health and safety requirements, while refrigeration equipment should be turned off in advance of arrival.

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