London Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged his support to a scheme to stop off licences selling alcohol to anyone under 21 in problem areas of the capital.
Johnson backed the scheme proposed by Croydon councillor Steve O'Connell, who pointed out that many bars and clubs operate a self-regulation policy of allowing entry to over-21s only but off licences, mini-marts and supermarkets still sell alcohol to 18- to 21-year-olds.
Johnson said: "This idea is a very interesting one. Where we have problems in particular areas, off-licences and supermarkets should stop the sale of alcohol to the under-21s. That is the kind of solution that I think Londoners are looking to us to provide."
The scheme will work on a voluntary basis and is expected to start in Croydon before being rolled out across London.
ACS chief executive James Lowman called the proposal "a knee- jerk reaction that would not effectively target the problems identified".
He added: "Off licences alone cannot be allocated sole blame of any alcohol-related problems. We need to look what more can be done with parents and young people themselves."