A small retailer has hit out at Nisa-Today’s for increasing its minimum drop for chilled and frozen products.

Whereas the minimum order had previously been a mix of 20 chilled and frozen outers, customers must now order at least 30 outers with a minimum of 10 frozen cases.

Vicki Smith of The Village Greens in Bunbury, Cheshire, has been buying chilled and frozen deliveries via her wholesaler, First Choice, because her shop is too small for a direct Nisa delivery.

She’s angry that Nisa didn’t warn her about the change in advance, and told C-Store: “Thirty cases is far too much for small businesses to take - we can’t afford it and don’t have the storage space.”

Added Vicki: “Nisa say they’re the ‘Guardians of Independents’ on their lorries. Taking away our access to such a good range of chilled and frozen food is a funny way of showing it.”

However, First Choice managing director Steve Ainger said he had received no complaints. “I don’t think it should be an issue for retailers turning over £10,000 a week - the very small ones don’t usually use Nisa chilled and frozen,” he added.