The allocation of National Lottery terminals is always a hot topic among retailers, so it was no surprise to see Dear Jac recently discussing the split between independents and supermarkets.
I want to reassure readers that we operate a straightforward, fair and transparent policy in selecting our retailers. More than 50 separate criteria - including current and projected sales, store size and location - are scientifically evaluated using retail planning software. We also take into account feedback from our local sales executives on quality of service and store standards. We maintain a database of the 100,000 potential retailers who meet our basic eligibility criteria, and review and update this every 12 weeks.
Contrary to what many retailers believe, there is no waiting list. When a terminal becomes available we assess the entire database. Experience shows the accurate siting of a new terminal can generate additional sales of about 50%.
Camelot's partnership with retailers - independents and supermarkets - has been crucial to raising £18.6bn for good causes and to achieving the National Lottery's current longest-ever period of growth. We have the strongest commitment to maintaining that relationship.