Only 7% of UK adults have done all of their food and drink shopping for Christmas, according to new research from HIM.

The research found that convenience stores are likely to attract a significant amount of last minute Christmas footfall, with one in two adults saying they will use them to buy their last minute items.

Some 46% of adults have done at least half of their shopping, while 16% of last-minute shoppers claim to have done none of their Christmas food and drink shopping yet, the research revealed.

“Soft drinks, alcohol and confectionery are two of the key footfall driving categories over Christmas with 17% of UK adults saying they’ll be buying them from their local store,” said Katie Littler, insights director at HIM.

“But relatively low proportions will turn to convenience stores for a last minute Christmas gift (6%), cards (7%) or wrapping paper (8%) – it seems convenience stores are still not seen as a credible destination for these categories.”

How much of your Christmas food & drink shopping have you done already?
100% - all of it! 7%
90%+ Just got some last minute items to get 15%
76-90% 18%
51-75% 13%
26 -50% 10%
1-25% 12%
NONE yet! 16%
I don’t buy any Christmas related food or drink 9%
How likely are you to use your local convenience store over Christmas for the following:
Last minute Christmas gift 6%
Last minute Christmas confectionery / chocolate 14%
Last minute Christmas wrapping paper 8%
Last minute Christmas cards 7%
Last minute items for Christmas dinner 12%
Alcohol for the festive period 14%
Soft drinks for the festive period 17%
None of the above 52%