WHSmith News and Comag are targeting independent retailers in the trial of a joint sales initiative designed to boost sales of monthly magazines and address out-of-stocks for top titles.
During the three-month trial, starting this month and named 'Monthlies Make Money', bigger print runs will mean 100,000 magazines will be distributed to 1,000 of WHSmith News' best-performing independents.
Magazines in the trial will include 27 of the top 100 best-selling monthly publications in the women's interest and home interest sector.
WHSmith News publisher development manager Andy Wheeldon says that the monthlies market is going through a particularly tough period at the moment: "Independents and monthly magazines are having a tough time, WHSmith News and Comag wanted to see
how they could reinvigorate this market."
He adds: "Everyone knows that the weekly market is doing well and how the monthly market is suffering. This is putting the emphasis back on monthlies."
Participating retailers will also be visited by sales teams who will give advice on merchandising and answer retailers' queries.
Wheeldon says that the first set of sales figures will be ready for analysis by the middle of July and if successful, the trial may be extended.