Nisa-Today's first 'Store of the Future' officially opens today (November 28) in Maylandsea, Essex.

Owned by business partners David Nice and Paul Miller, the new format is designed to be much easier to shop.

It features the company's new orange and blue logo and display artwork, and a more "approachable, contemporary shopping environment".

Softer, low-energy lighting and a paler tone of flooring have been installed in the back of the store, where general groceries and household products are displayed.

The front of the store features darker floors and brighter lighting, and customers have easy access to fast-selling items such as newspapers, confectionery, milk, food to go and alcohol.

Group symbol director John Heagney said: "We have developed a zonal format, which is designed for each type of shopper, including those wanting a quick purchase in the front of store, or a deeper 'food for later' shop further back.

"As more outlets take on this new package, customers will immediately be aware that they are in a Nisa store."