Nisa is to return £2.2m to members in the form of dividend payments and surplus distribution profits.

The dividend payment has been set at £14 per share, providing a return of over 7% on each share owned by members, of which they can own up to 250. Further to this, the surplus payment is intended to reward those members who have shown loyalty and support to Nisa by ordering products through its Central Distribution Services.

These payments are on top of the £31m that has already been paid out to members in the form of rebates in the last year.

Finance director Simon Webster commented: “This is one of the many benefits of being a member-owned organisation as any surplus profits are distributed back to our members, allowing them to use this money to further enhance their businesses.

“Nisa achieved pleasing profits in the 2013/2014 financial year and has significantly strengthened its balance sheet as well as making this significant payment to members. Nisa is committed to making money for its members rather than out of them and this is a perfect example of this.”