Nisa members are to receive a share of this year’s £3m surplus distribution sum, with a further £0.6m paid in dividend payments.

The dividend payment equates to £12 per share, up £4 on the previous year, and rewards members for supporting Nisa, whilst prompting them to take full advantage of the 100 shares they have available to them.

Nisa finance director Simon Webster said: “Nisa works hard to ensure it provides the best possible deals to its independent retailers but this is only possible through the support and dedication of our loyal members allowing us to secure the necessary volumes. It is for this reason we choose to reward and thank our loyal members in the form of a surplus payment.”

The year had been significant for Nisa with the business having made its transition to a purely retail and consumer focussed organisation, and bringing on board a record number of members, Webster added.

“Nisa is purely run for the benefit of its members and it is for this reason that we distribute benefits in this way back to our membership, allowing members to use this money to further enhance their businesses.”