Some 92% of convenience store retailers in Scotland experienced some form of shop theft in 2014, according to the latest Scottish Grocers Federation (SGF) retail crime survey.

Launched at the inaugural SGF Retail Crime Seminar, the report found that almost a quarter of c-store retailers are subjected to shop theft on a daily basis.

Most of the threatening and abusive incidents towards staff were triggered either by a refusal of sale or requests for ID, it revealed.

The report was developed in partnership with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and contains a comprehensive guide to increasing security and preventing crime in-store.

The SGF has urged the Scottish government to bring forward legislation to give shop workers the same legal protections as emergency workers. It said that this would be a key part of their manifesto for the forthcoming Scottish Parliament election.

SGF chief executive Pete Cheema said: “We know how serious in-store crime can be so it’s vital that we work effectively with Police Scotland and the other key agencies to create a safe working environment for retailers. In store crime impacts on retailers, their staff, their families and on customers.

“That’s why we are calling on whichever party forms the next Scottish government to pass legislation to give shop workers the same protection as emergency workers. Shop workers are front line staff and are too often at the sharp end of violence and intimidation.”