Retailers in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, are hoping to generate more than £40m for the district by encouraging its local people to spend an extra £5 a month in their local shops.

It is hoped that the launch of the new 'Totally Locally' scheme will encourage shoppers to take a fresh look at their neighbourhood stores.

Council-funded advertising for the scheme will appear in the form of posters on local buses and billboards, and car stickers.

A website has also been created for retailers to publicise their stores and highlight any special offers. Specially designed Totally Locally bags for life are also available for shoppers to buy.

Councillor and mayor of Hebden Royd, John Beacroft-Mitchell, said he was confident that the public would support the scheme.

"Our shopping streets are celebrated nationally for their distinctive local flavour and an absence of the ubiquitous national brands," he said.

"Any initiative that seeks to support the incredible innovation in our area is to be celebrated.
"The scheme is not about never shopping in a supermarket or in a city, but it is about investing in the future of our district. This will support local jobs, the local community and help support our towns and villages for future generations."