The government’s energy efficiency Green Deal scheme is being undermined by fraudsters, new evidence from Citizens Advice has revealed.

In the six months ending 28 February, Citizens Advice had 1,250 green deal complaints of which 880 were identified as a scam or possible scams. 

More than half of individuals were contacted out of the blue, with many asked to pay a £500 assessment free, with no assessment or work ever carried out.

Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy said: “The Green Deal is at risk of being undermined by fake firms.  With energy prices up by 33% since 2010, opportunistic tricksters are lining their pockets by ripping-off people who are trying to cut costs”

The majority of the firms reported were not registered Green Deal providers and appeared to be misusing the Green Deal trade mark. 

The Green Deal allows businesses and home-owners to pay for energy efficiency improvements via savings made on their energy bills. Work can include fitting LED lighting, insulation and doors on chillers.

Businesses should contact approved Green Deal Assessors who will conduct an audit of their premises and provide a Green Deal Advice Report which can then be put into place by an approved Green Deal provider.

For more information about legitimate Green Deal assessors and providers visit