Two men have been charged over the death of a cash and carry owner in London.

Shammi Atwal of Glenn & Co Cash & Carry in Barking, East London was pushed in front of a lorry as he attempted to defend his wife from a gang of thieves on Monday 14 October. He was pronounced dead at the scene while his wife suffered minor injuries.

The driver of the van stopped after the incident and was not arrested.

Police believe that a gang of up to 10 men, armed with metal bars and a sledgehammer, attempted to rob the cash and carry. Two men, Vidmantas Gonskoves and Aurimas Diliunas, were arrested and charged with manslaughter and robbery.

Detective chief inspector Neale Baldock said: “This was a man trying to stop thieves robbing his business. He acted bravely in defence of his wife and managed to chase the robbers from his premises only for him to get pushed in front of a moving lorry.”