Shoppers will continue to watch their spending once the recession is over. A recent survey by grocery analysts IGD about consumer food shopping in 2012 revealed that 54% of shoppers would be careful about spending money in the future, regardless of economic recovery. 

Only 5% said that they would be more frivolous and 39% said that their spending habits would probably stay the same.

The survey also reported that 16% of respondents would be shopping more at their neighbourhood stores for food. Premium and high street food stores look likely to suffer with 17% and 15% of respondents respectively saying that they will visit these stores less in 2012.

“Shoppers expect to be more careful in making their choices than today,” said IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch. “That doesn’t mean trading down – at least according to shoppers. Almost half expect to enjoy a better quality of food by 2012, with only 7% expecting it to be worse. So shoppers intend to keep changing their habits, seeking more from less and they expect the food and grocery industry to keep delivering better value.”