The final phase of a ban on traditional light bulbs has now come into effect meaning that retailers will no longer be able to order new stock of 40W or 25W bulbs.

The total phase out of 60W and 100W bulbs which began in 2009 is almost complete, with very few still believed to be in circulation.
The EU directive is part of a wider effort to decrease the energy consumption of products. Incandescent bulbs are being targeted because they waste 95% of energy used as heat.

Peter Hunt, joint chief executive of the Lighting Industry Association, said the phase out process had been smooth. “Concerns about poor performance of replacement bulbs have been proved wrong,” he said. “The new LED replacements for halogen downlighters that have come on to the market over the past year work just as well. Price is still a barrier, but that’s coming down almost daily as volume increases,” he said.

However, retailers seeking to avoid the ban by selling “rough service” lightbulbs, which are similar to traditional bulbs but designed for industrial use, have been warned against this.

The National Measurement Office, the government agency responsible for enforcing the ban on traditional bulbs, said rough service lamps were not suitable for household room illumination and and could invalidate household insurance policies.