Supermarkets have been criticised for being environmentally unfriendly in a report by the National Consumer Council (NCC).
The rating report, Greening Supermarkets, puts the top eight supermarkets to the test on four key green issues - seasonal food, organics, sustainable sourcing and cutting waste.
The NCC judged that while there are improvements in some areas, not one supermarket is doing well on all fronts. It rated Waitrose as top overall and Sainsbury's achieved the best score among the largest four including Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.
It calls on supermarkets to use more recycled material for packaging and source and promote more UK seasonal fruit and vegetables. The calls come despite supermarkets including Tesco promising to follow a green agenda by cutting the number of plastic bags handed out.
NCC chairman Lord Whitty said: "We're making it clear how supermarkets could make greener choices easier for everybody."